The true facts are…
Swiss Poulets are protein sources low in allergens and fat
gluten-free carbohydrate and vegetable fibre composition that regulates the intestines out of potatoes, brown wholemeal rice and parsnip
optimum content of essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids from coldpressed vegetable oils and arctic sea fish
managed increase of secondary valuable vegetable substances from well choosed alpine herbs
only natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements because of the use of the AQUAMIN® – VITAMIN – KOMPLEX, free of synthetic additives

free from genetically modified (GM) ingredients, chemical colorants, synthetic preservatives and flavourings

free from animal experimentation

guaranteed cold pressed

eco friendly production

eco-friendly packaging



Our meat is natural and not a result of exploitation…
Our chicken meat for LUPO NATURAL is sourced from Switzerland, where they have enjoyed a free range and humane lifestyle. Selected Swiss farms, many of which have been family-owned for generations, guarantee both species-appropriate and humane breeding. Consistent and traceable high standards of the uniquely high Swiss animal welfare standards in LUPO NATURAL are in marked contrast to battery farming or cage breeding.



The natural vitamin revolution: LUPO NATURAL with AQUAMIN® – VITAMIN – KOMPLEX from the depths of the sea…
LUPO NATURAL has succeeded for the first time in optimising the vitamin, mineral and trace element contents of this balanced complete dog food by addition of the pioneering AQUAMIN® – VITAMIN – KOMPLEX from the fruits of the sea such as seaweed, shellfish, arctic sea fish and crustaceans. Consequently 100% of all the ingredients in LUPO NATURAL incl. vitamins, minerals and trace elements are genuinely of natural origin: an enormous “source” of vitality for your dog. LUPO NATURAL is regularly analysed for impurities by independent laboratories.